I Am The Fall.


You take me in with welcome arms,

At first.

I am the refreshing breeze,

After a season of unbearable heat,

The soft wind that tickles the back of your neck,

A teasing whisper that makes you want more.

You don’t want more.

You just don’t know it yet.

Because that cool breeze,

Turns into an unbearable,




I am the vibrant change.

Changing the green leaves to a sunshine yellow,

Then pumpkin orange,

And finally a breathtaking red.

But then the red is blood.

And you realize the vibrant change is an unrelenting disease.

The red leaves turn brown.

They crinkle under feet – fragile,

Turning everything vulnerable.

I destroy all that is originally beautiful.

I am impending death.

I latch onto you.


You Fall.




I bring you to your lowest.

And when there’s nothing left,

When I’ve stripped all the trees of its beauty,

I give you up,

I hand you over.

 Winter comes,

And I disappear

Without a second thought.

And when you heal,

If you heal,

I’ll be back.

I’ll do the same thing.


I am the reason you fall.


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