Isn’t it both a blessing and a curse that we can’t hear peoples’ thoughts?

How many times have you been thinking something; a thought you would never say out loud, and thought back to what a compliment it was to another person? And they could be such small things: a friend shows up to your house with no makeup on and you think they look pretty.  Or you’re having a conversation with a friend and you stop and realize how utterly charming they are.


Literally a cute little moment just like that.  Someone is venting to you and you realize their passion for the situation is an indication of what a good person they are.  Or there’s a professor you love going to each class for but you’d never tell them how much they’ve impacted your life.  Small realizations like that, that could completely change someone’s day.  Something so small, and truthful – that you’re already thinking – could brighten someones day.

And it’s such a shame, isn’t it?  Comments like those could make people feel so much better about themselves.  They’re kind words that could quite honestly stick with them forever.  Yet, so often we never think to say them.

So maybe we should.  It takes so little to make someone happier, especially when they are thoughts that you naturally, and truthfully have.  Because those honest compliments are the best ones.

On the other hand, it’s a fucking blessing that people cannot hear your thoughts.  Acknowledging someone else’s attractiveness in the presence of your significant other.  Thoughts about your annoying parents.  Other people hearing about your insecurities.  Your prof, or boss, being able to discover that you’re utterly infatuated with him/her.

Those are definitely better left in your head.

They say if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.  But maybe if you have something good to say, even if it’s spontaneous, and doesn’t necessarily fit into the conversation; just say it.  

What bad comes from saying such good?

Let other people know that their beauty – inside and out – affects the world.

Because who doesn’t need a compliment like that every once in a while?


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