arts and crafts.

So it’s almost Christmas, I’m broke, and I don’t know what to get as a stocking stuffer, or a thoughtful small gift for someone special.  Do-it-yourself coffee mugs.  They’re perfect, super easy, and most definitely for the money conscious individual.

Plus, they’re super fun.  So much so, that I got carried away and made eight different designs for people.  I spent the whole day drawing on mugs.


What you will need:

Permanent Marker (I don’t suggest coloured ones, they don’t turn out as well)

Ceramic Mugs (I got mine at the local dollar store)


Draw whatever design you choose on your mug.  Let dry for an hour, or if possible overnight.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, but put mugs in as it preheats.

When the oven reaches the desired temperature, set the timer to 30 minutes.

Let the mugs cool with the oven before taking them out.

That’s literally it.  It’s so easy.  All you need is a little creativity.  The hardest part was figuring out exactly what I wanted to draw, and for who.  So here’s a few ideas for you…

For the music lover:

IMG_4856      IMG_4857       IMG_4855

The straight lines were a bit of trouble, but I simply took a piece of scotch tape and taped around the mug for each line so I would stay relatively in the lines.  I went over the lines, freehand, after I finished, and had a little trouble keeping the lines perfect.  So keep the scotch tape on when going over the lines.

I just googled score sheets, and picked some musical sings I liked best.  A great idea might be doing notes for a special song between you and the other person.

For the person you always end up playing board games with:

 IMG_4853                                         IMG_4854

For the nature lover (It’s also pretty good with moms):

IMG_4850      IMG_4852       IMG_4851

Specifically for Moms:

IMG_4861       IMG_4864       IMG_4862

For the business man:

IMG_4858        IMG_4860      IMG_4859

Here’s just a few ideas, but there’s really no wrong answer.  I made so many, not only because I genuinely enjoyed my time doing it, but because it’s more personal to give a specialized mug to someone than a bottle of wine, or something similar.  It shows the person you were really thinking about them.

And they’re great ideas for a last minute small gift for Christmas.  Great for Christmas, birthdays, and any other themed holidays!


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