new years.

New Years is the number one most overrated event in the history of events.  I’ve never had a good New Years, but seem to put my faith in it every year that it’s going to be great.

There was the year I ended up in the hospital, and my parents had to pick me up.

There was the year I had sex with my ex-boyfriend, and then got into a huge fight in front of everyone and fuelled two years of not speaking to each other.

There was the year I kissed the same ex-boyfriend, and started talking to him again.  (Fuelling yet another messy year with him)

There was the same year I had an hour long conversation about how me and my current boyfriend were best friends, and literally laughed at the prospect of ever being more than friends.

There was the year I went to the Winter Classic in Michigan and got Frost Bite on my feet because it was so Goddamn cold.

There was the year that Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was on repeat for the entire night at a house party, and no one noticed until they unplugged their iPod.

So as plans start to develop for the New Year, I’m trying to stay neutral.  Not pessimistic, not optimistic.  Just live my life.

And try not to do anything stupid this time.


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