Highlights of 2014 in photographic review.

There’s nothing like ending a year with a reminder of all the amazing things you’ve done in the past twelve months.  I’m a student.  And with that I often feel constantly restricted.  I can’t do anything because I’m constantly broke.  I can’t go anywhere because I’m either in school, or working to pay for school’s expenses.  I constantly feel like being in school creates such a boring and mundane lifestyle for myself.  But going through all the highlights of my year is a reminder of not only how blessed I am to have the life I live, but that they’re full of so many experiences I wouldn’t want to change for the world.  Because as much as being a student restricts you, it also provides so many crazy, unorthodox, but amazing experiences.

And these experiences can be so small: playing boardgames on a Tuesday night, the joys (and struggles) of roommates, parties, friends.

And even those who aren’t students, maybe the year didn’t go as planned (they never do), but there’s still so many amazing experiences that occurred during the year that are unforgettable.

So I went through some of my photos and highlighted some of my most memorable moments of the year.


The Winter Classic, frostbite and unbearably cold weather

IMG_2861  IMG_2878    IMG_2869


Mont Tremblant (Montreal), and pretty Valentine’s Day flowers

IMG_3049 IMG_3031


Steve Aoki comes to a house party at my school, filming trailers, and breaking my car…

IMG_3203      IMG_3180    IMG_3120


Cards Against Humanities, birthday celebrations, and our South Korean subletter goes back to the motherland.

Third year is over.


IMG_3252         IMG_3314


SUMMER.  Nature Walks, City and Colour Concerts, Drunken nights in Toronto, in Barrie, and home.

IMG_3491IMG_3415 IMG_3432                                         IMG_3449       IMG_3492    



Poolside, track meets, lots of sangria, baseball games, concerts (Arctic Monkeys)

IMG_3519 IMG_3535 IMG_3560 IMG_3600 IMG_3606 IMG_3625 IMG_3629


More Toronto nights, more pools, more track

                                 IMG_3669 IMG_3701                                                    IMG_3707



roadtrips to Montreal, CONCERTS, art museums, trips to Wolfe Island, and end-of-summer goodbyes

    DSCN1194 DSCN1205 DSCN1209                       IMG_3832                     IMG_3812DSCN1244 IMG_3817DSCN1248    IMG_3901 IMG_3916 IMG_3962 IMG_3970 IMG_4008 IMG_3726


 back to school. Keggers, birthdays, homecoming, more concerts – Riotfest

  IMG_4027IMG_4016  IMG_4112  IMG_4061IMG_4126IMG_4250 IMG_4262


 avada kedavra bitches 

IMG_4497             IMG_4585


 my birthday, and more concerts

           IMG_4599                IMG_4625 IMG_4664December

snow, Christmas, birthdays, home.

                               IMG_4872     IMG_4838 IMG_4810       IMG_2821     DSCN0179 (2) DSCN0096

I always like looking through my pictures throughout the year.  It’s the perfect end-of-the-year reminder of all the good things that have happened over the year.  Even if you think the year wasn’t the greatest, those pictures highlight all the reasons why the year is never really as bad as you think it was.  In fact, it’s a reminder of how great the year really was – despite any setbacks or downfalls that may have occurred.

Good things always happen within the year and it’s important to think about those.

Enter 2015 with a wave of positivity.


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