I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t know one person who has actually made and kept their promise to change in the New Year.  New Years’ Resolutions are just excuses, or false hopes that people hold on to in order to evoke change in their life.  The new year marks the time where they will change.  Here’s why New Years resolutions never work.  Why?

Because we set a specific and future date for when we will change.  

Whatever it is that you decide you will do in the next year, whether it’s going to the gym more often, or eating less dairy/chocolate/meat/whatever.  You decide you’ll change but you wait and wait for that moment to come.

If you want to evoke change in your life, do it.  You don’t have to wait for one specific moment to make it happen.

You want to eat healthier?  Stop buying junk food the next time you’re shopping for groceries.  You want to lose weight?  Go to the gym.

Don’t wait until it’s January first.

The idea of a New Year equalling a New Me is a social construction.  You build it in your head that the New Year is the starting point for change.

Our life doesn’t work like that.  We don’t change specifically starting in January and ending in December.  Yes, changes occur annually, but our first change within ourself doesn’t have to begin January first and end December 31st.  Change occurs when we take the steps to change it.  And we don’t have to wait until the first of January to do it.


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