I’m still on the fence on whether I would classify Taylor Swift as my guilty pleasure.  There’s something about her, especially in her music videos, that drive me insane.  I find her so overly dramatic and annoying.  But then I’ve also seen her in interviews and she borders annoying and a cutesy charming.

Nonetheless, I keep listening to her newest album, 1989.  It’s definitely not the greatest album but it’s catchy, easy to sing along to, and I must say I always enjoy her lyrics.  Perhaps not the deepest, or most beautiful language, but it sounds like a young adult in her twenties, and that I can definitely appreciate.  Another thing that was unique about this album was she added voice memos where she documents the inspiration behind a few songs.

One thing I can respect about her is that she doesn’t seem to be afraid to be herself.  She’s able to make fun of herself despite being so immersed in such a celebrity culture.

Anyway, I stumbled across a couple covering, and putting a spin on, two songs from Swift’s album, and I had to post it for everyone else to see as well.

Not only do I think the couple may arguably be more talented than Swift, but they also sing my favourite song on her album: Style.

They also tweak the lyrics a bit which I found super cute.  The original chorus in Swift’s song Style sings,

“You’ve got that James Dean

day dream

look in your eye.  

I’ve got that red lip


thing that you like”

Where the man changes the lyrics to,

I’ve got that James Dean

Day Dream

Look in my eye,

You’ve got that red lip,


thing that I like

Which makes sense, but I thought it made it cuter that she’s wearing red lipstick.

Anyway, enjoy!  Because you definitely will!  I think it can be appreciated even if you aren’t a Taylor fan.

Happy Tuesday.


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