Do great first times even exist, or are they a proverbial myth?

Is that an oxymoron in itself?  A great first time?

Mine wasn’t horrifying, but it definitely wasn’t great.

It was my first boyfriend, it was too soon, and it was far from glamorous.

We were lying in bed, fooling around as teenagers do, when he asked if we could try.

I was still wearing my shirt…

It wasn’t cute.

After, I sat on my bathroom counter hugging my knees while he washed his hands.  He touched my arms and asked if everything was ok.

I felt different after.  I can’t explain it.  Like someone took a part of me.  Like my virginity was something that was taken by someone, not given.

Maybe it wasn’t him I wanted to give it to.

But first times are like New Years celebrations.  They’re always overrated and always a letdown.

First times are never an indication of what sex is like.

In fact, if I had based by idea of sex on my first time, I’d probably be celibate.


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