I need something more.

I need to feel purpose in my life again.

I need to not spend hours upon hours watching Netflix, and crying at every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

I need to get out of bed before eleven o’clock in the morning, or at least stop complaining about all the times I’m out of bed at eight.

I need to remember that I love to exercise, that I love to run.

I need to not care about how cliche it sounds, but be reminded that I love to feel the wind against my face.

I need to read books for pleasure again.

I need to stop complaining about the textbooks that I do need to read, especially since often times I’m interested in what is being said.

I need to stop complaining about school work, and remind myself that I love learning.  I love sitting in class and forgetting the time because what you’re learning genuinely and truly interests you.

I need to stop stressing about life after university.  And remind myself that life in university is really great.

I need to remind myself that if all I do is stress over university, I’ll miss all the fun parts about it.

I need to stop isolating myself from those who care about me the most.  Even if that means answering their text messages, or making an effort to make plans with them.  They are the ones that matter, and if I continue on and don’t make an effort, sooner or later they’ll stop too.

I need peace of mind.

I need that feeling of pure contentment.  Of feeling utterly happy with your life on a daily basis.  And not because something amazing has happened, just happy about your average, everyday life.

I need to take hold of the small things, and recognize them as joys.

I need to enjoy and be appreciative of the life that I do have, because despite my melancholy, I am truly blessed with all I have.

Perhaps all I really need is to stop thinking that I need something more.  Maybe my content will lay in realizing that everything I have is already more than enough.


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