Best friend.

What a tyrannical phrase that can be.  Tyrannical because it has a power over you that goes unwarranted.  It’s an excuse.  It warrants excuses and unrelenting forgiveness.

Things that aren’t okay, are suddenly okay when it is done by someone who fits the category of “best friend.”

And I get it.  Best friends are there for you when no one else is.  And best friends are the ones you go to when you’re upset, or crying, or venting.  And because they have been loyal to you, anything negative involving them is dismissed.

But what happens when your best friend is also your boyfriend?

Which so often is the case.

What happens when you can’t walk away from all the negativities in the relationship because of that tyrannical word.

Best friend.

Because that’s what they become.  And maybe they’re not the only best friend.  But they’re the one that becomes the most prominent character in your life.

How do you walk away from the negative, when they’re the person you go to when the negative happens in your life?  You can’t let go.  And it’s not the sex.  Or the cuddles.  It’s the best friend.  The best friend is what you can’t walk away from.

You don’t want to be with them. But you can’t be without them.

And why?  Because they’re your best friend.

You are stuck.

You are anchored.


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