Dim Sum Experience

Upon leaving my multicultural pocket in the GTA, I became overwhelmingly aware that despite the incessant messaging around Canada as “culturally diverse,” this was indicative of areas few and far between. Discontentment in Banff was rare, but I was painfully aware of how the lack of multiculturalism affected culinary variety (and many other aspects far more serious than a restaurant review). In Toronto, with one quick Uber ride you can go from Caribbean doubles to, my personal favourite, Cantonese dim sum.

              My last culinary experience would have failed in every component of customer service, and yet I look back on it fondly. It was akin to every other dim sum restaurant: dismissive wait staff, chipped ceramic, the intermittent bump of food carts hitting the uneven, carpeted floor. This no-frills experience dismisses all the cultural expectations around dining, and in turn brings taste to the forefront. Dim sum in Chinatown is not vain or attentive, but if you can appreciate good food – and accept this may be the only thing you’ll appreciate – Dim Sum King will reign you in.


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