The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

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Hal Elrod subscribes that following six morning habits transformed his life and within months was a leading keynote speaker and best-selling author. Allow I’ve provided a high-level description on his six steps, I would suggest giving the ~35 minute podcast a listen! His six steps can be encompassed in the acronym SAVERS: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Read, Scribe


Start your day off in silence. With no distractions, some of your best thinking can arise. Your eyes can be open or closed, but be in an active position. You can still be in a seated position, but ensure active posture. Set you alarm so the time does not distract you and start your day with 10 minutes of meditation.


Elrod defines passive and active affirmations, noting the effectiveness of active affirmations. A passive affirmation like, “I am a money magnet, money will flow toward me” presents a cosmic opportunity. You are asking the world to bring you money, which makes the affirmer less motivated to take active steps to make money. Instead, make active affirmations with tangible steps An active affirmation alternative: I will see financial success through continuing to save.


A key strategy many successful athletes adopt is visualization. Visualize your success before it happens and it puts your mind into a winning mentality. Let’s use exercise as an example. Do you hate it? Elrod notes he would visualize himself putting his shoes on or enjoying his run before he did it and found that not only would exercise feel more routine, he found he enjoyed the run more as well.


If you already have an established exercise routine, it’s not required to change your schedule around; however, heightened alertness and released endorphins are a few advantages of working out first thing in the morning. An extensive workout is not required, anything from 60-seconds of jumping jacks to a 7-minute workout will suffice.


Everyone needs to read. Do you want to save money? Do you want to progress in your career? Do you want to be happier? There is a book out there; there’s hundreds of books on each. Even if reading is not a passion of yours, committing to 10 pages per night is still 300 pages in a month. That’s a book. There is always something to learn. Read, read, read.


Scribe or journal, but SAVERS sounds so much better than SAVERJ, right? Write things downs to clarify your priorities. There are countless advantages to journaling and those who journal are proven to be more emotionally evolved and in touch with their feelings.

Finally, appreciate your current place in the journey. When we finally overcome hardships, we often look back on the journey and feel as though things happened exactly as they needed to, when they needed to. Keep moving forward. Your hardship will work itself out. Don’t let yourself lose motivation.


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